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Phrasal Verbs – Ngữ động từ (Phần 4)


Ngữ động từ gồm có 3 thành tố


Break in on

: cắt ngang, làm gián đoạn

He broke in on our conservation

Catch up with

: đuổi kịp

She left an hour ago. I’ll never catch up with her now

Come in for

: hứng chịu sự phê bình, công kích

He has come in for a lot of criticism lately

Come up with

: tìm ra lời giải, ý tưởng

He came up with a very good idea

Cut down on

: giảm bớt

He’s trying to cut down on cigarettes

Do away with

: loại bỏ

Most students want to do away with the present curriculum

Drop out of

: bỏ học dở chừng

A lot of students dropped out of school last year

Face up to

: chấp nhận và đối mặt với một điều không dễ chịu

You must face up to th fact that you can’t do the job

Get away with

: thoát khỏi sự trừng phạt

This is the third time you have been late this week. You are not going to get away with it again.

Get down to

: bắt đầu công việc một cách nghiêm túc

It’s time to get down to business

Get on/along with

: hòa đồng với, có mối quan hệ thân hữu

Do you get along with your neighbour?

Get out of

: trốn tránh trách nhiệm

He gets out of washing dishes

Get round to

: có thời gian làm gì

He is busy but I hope to get round to answering your letter next week

Get through with

: hoàn thành, hoàn tất

When will you ever get through with that project?

Keep up with

: theo kịp

Salaries are not keeping up with inflation

Look forward to

: mong chờ

I look forward to the holiday

Look down on

: xem thường, coi thường

He looks down on his neighbour

Look up to

: kính trọng, ngưỡng mộ

He really looks up to his older brother

Look out for

: cẩn thận, coi trừng

Slow down! Look out for children crossing

Make up for

: bù đắp

I got up late, I have spent all day making up for lost time

Put up with

: chịu đắp

I can’t put up with him any more. He is so rude

Run out of

: cạn, hết

The car has run out of petrol

Split away/off from

: tách ra khỏi

The storm has split the branch off from the tree

Walk away from


: đánh bại ai, sống sốt không bị thương nặng

He walked away from the accident

Walk out of

: rời đi đột ngột

He walk out of the meeting

Walk out on

: rời bỏ ai, bỏ rơi ai

He had a row with his wife and walked out of her


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