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Cấu trúc tiếng anh thông dụng trong giao tiếp

Công thức sưu tầm toàn bộ cấu trúc tiếng anh quan trọng cho các hoạt động giao tiếp hằng ngày.

Dưới đây là một số mẫu cấu trúc quên thuộc


13. Used to + V (infinitive): (Thường làm gì trong qk và bây giờ không làm nữa) e.g. I used to go fishing with my friend when I was young. e.g. She used to smoke 10 cigarettes a day.

14. To be amazed at = to be surprised at + N/V-ing: ngạc nhiên về…. e.g. I was amazed at his big beautiful villa.

15. To be angry at + N/V-ing: tức giận về e.g. Her mother was very angry at her bad marks.

16. to be good at/ bad at + N/ V-ing: giỏi về…/ kém về… e.g. I am good at swimming. e.g. He is very bad at English.

17. by chance = by accident (adv): tình cờ e.g. I met her in Paris by chance last week.

18. to be/get tired of + N/V-ing: mệt mỏi về… e.g. My mother was tired of doing too much housework everyday.

19. can’t stand/ help/ bear/ resist + V-ing: Không chịu nỗi/không nhịn được làm gì… e.g. She can't stand laughing at her little dog.

20. to be keen on/ to be fond of + N/V-ing : thích làm gì đó… e.g. My younger sister is fond of playing with her dolls.

21. to be interested in + N/V-ing: quan tâm đến… e.g. Mrs Brown is interested in going shopping on Sundays.

22. to waste + time/ money + V-ing: tốn tiền hoặc thời gian làm gì e.g. He always wastes time playing computer games each day. e.g. Sometimes, I waste a lot of money buying clothes.

23. To spend + amount of time/ money + V-ing: dành bao nhiêu thời gian làm gì.. e.g. I spend 2 hours reading books a day. e.g. Mr Jim spent a lot of money traveling around the world last year.

24. To spend + amount of time/ money + on + something: dành thời gian vào việc gì… e.g. My mother often spends 2 hours on housework everyday.


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