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Bài luận tiếng anh ôn thi THPT QG: My mother

I'm living with my parents. My mother is 45 years old. She is not very beautiful, but there is something attractive in her.

Her face is oval with big brown eyes and red lips, which are always smilling. She has long black hair, a slim build and a fair complexion. Her character is admirable. She is very sweet and kind to her husband and children. She never gets angry with anyone. As simple person. She does not like wearing expensive clothes and jewels. She is very busy with the housework from early morning until late at night.


I love my mother very much. I miss her a lot when I am far from her for a long time. When I am free, I help my mother with the washing, cooking and doing arrands. I always obey and respect my mother and try to study hard to please her.

I wish she would live with me forever.


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